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Using Coolprop with Python to Determine the Capacity of a Standard Home Refrigerator Compressor

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Introduction to Coolprop and Refrigerator Compressors Coolprop is an open-source thermophysical property library that allows engineers and scientists to quickly calculate the properties of various fluids, including refrigerants. In this article, we’ll explore how to use Coolprop with Python to determine the capacity of a standard home refrigerator compressor. Getting Started with Coolprop in Python […]

Converting Matlab to work with Python or PHP and the speed ramifications

In the world of programming and scientific computing, Matlab, Python, and PHP are popular choices for solving complex problems. Matlab is a powerful language and interactive environment primarily used for numerical computations, while Python and PHP are general-purpose programming languages. Sometimes, developers need to convert Matlab code to Python or PHP for various reasons, such […]