Freelance Programmer

Unicla eConnect


I developed eConnect Online, an IoT dashboard that allows users to access and manage every eDrive in their fleet, either remotely or on-site. The dashboard uses AWS Cognito, AWS DynamoDB, AWS IoT, MQTT, Angular, Canvas, Python, and PHP to display graphical data sets for all key parameters, providing invaluable information for technicians and fleet managers.


eConnect Online is a powerful solution for businesses to monitor and manage their eDrive compressors. The system displays graphical data sets that help users understand key parameters, enabling fast data interpretation and diagnostic assessment of comprehensive historical data sets. The information provided assists in problem-solving historical events and gives peace of mind at a glance.


  • AWS Cognito, DynamoDB, and IoT: The system uses these AWS services to ensure seamless integration and reliable performance.
  • MQTT: The dashboard uses MQTT, a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices, to enable real-time updates.
  • Angular: The front end of the dashboard is built using Angular, which provides a smooth user experience.
  • Canvas: The dashboard uses Canvas to generate high-quality, interactive graphs that allow users to easily visualize and understand the key parameters.
  • Python and PHP: The back end of the dashboard is built using Python and PHP, ensuring fast and reliable performance.


The eConnect Online dashboard provides a range of benefits to users, including:

  • Improved understanding of key parameters of eDrive compressors.
  • Ability to problem-solve historical events with confidence.
  • Real-time updates and a smooth user experience.
  • High-quality, interactive graphs that enable users to easily visualize and understand the key parameters.


Overall, eConnect Online is a valuable tool for technicians and fleet managers. The dashboard’s use of AWS services, MQTT, Angular, Canvas, Python, and PHP ensure seamless integration, fast and reliable performance, and accurate interpretation of key parameters. eConnect Online plays a key role in helping businesses manage their eDrive compressors effectively and efficiently.

Services provided to this client

  • Custom Python and PHP Programming
  • Custom Angular and Canvas
  • AWS Services Integration
  • MQTT Implementation
  • Visual charts and logging
  • Maintenance Care Plan