Freelance Programmer


I helped SuperCool Group of Companies improve their website design, functionality and customer experience using Elementor. See how a custom web design, SEO, and responsive design helped them connect better with their customers.

I developed a customer portal for SuperSense that enables users to log in and virtually simulate the thermal properties of their products in the cold chain. The portal uses a custom API, CanvasJS, Python, PHP, JavaScript, and high-end math conversion algorithms to generate graphs that provide invaluable information to food designers and producers, transporters, packagers, storage operators, and auditors.

Discover the impact of my work on Unicla’s online presence through the digital case study. Get a glimpse of how I utilised Elementor to enhance their website design, enhance its functionality, and improve their customers’ experience. Observe how a tailored web design, strategic SEO implementation, and a responsive layout helped Unicla forge stronger connections with their audience.

I designed and developed The Automotive Technician (TaT) Member Portal from the ground up. Using custom PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript, I built a robust platform tailored to the unique needs of automotive technicians. The portal seamlessly integrates forums, scan data, and content management systems, offering members a comprehensive suite of tools and resources. With features like PDF generation and Stripe payment facilities, I ensured a smooth and user-friendly experience.

Explore the results of my work for Aczel Marine through the digital case study. Discover how I leveraged the latest technology to improve the design and functionality of their website, resulting in a better user experience for their customers. Learn about the custom web design, comprehensive SEO strategy, and responsive layout I implemented to help Aczel Marine connect with their target audience in a more meaningful way.