Website Hack Recovery & Cleanup

Expert Solutions for Compromised WordPress Websites

Are you the victim of a hacked WordPress site? 

As a skilled and experienced freelance programmer, I specialise in cleaning up and securing compromised WordPress sites. From malware, spam, or any other type of hack, I have the knowledge and tools to identify and remove the malicious code, restore your site to its pre-hack state, and implement security measures to prevent future breaches. I understand the importance of a quick response and efficient cleanup when it comes to hacked sites, and I work diligently to get your site back up and running as soon as possible.

Complete Hack Recovery & Protection Services

  • Thorough Malware Removal and Spam Cleanup: Identifying and removing any malware, spam, or other malicious code from the site.
  • Complete Site Restoration and Data Recovery: Restoring the site to its pre-hack state, including the recovery of any lost data or files.
  • Robust Security Measures to Prevent Future Breaches: Securing the site by hardening its security settings and implementing security plugins.
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Proactive Solutions: Auditing the site for any vulnerabilities and recommending solutions to prevent future breaches.

Don't wait, act fast and contact me to clean up your hacked WordPress site.