Custom Programming

Code made for you.

I have worked with many Gold Coast firms to help them come up with solutions for their programming requirements.

I can help with Full System Builds, API creation and linking, MQTT/Websocket integration and development, CRM connections, REA XML syncing and many other custom programming jobs.

If you have something you need help with, let me know and I can either help or send you in the right direction.

Programming Solutions

API integration

Site integration with custom APIs from your providers.

MQTT/Websocket development

Implementation of MQTT or µWebSockets.js and server hosting on node.js.

AWS development

Coding of solutions using AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a development provider.

CRM integration

Integrate with your pre-existing CRM into your website.


Sync and import custom CSV, JSON or XML. REA XML.

REST API development

Custom built or with your existing data set.

Zapier &

Setting up of automated tasks.

General programming

PHP, XML, JSON, jQuery, Node.js, mySQL and MATLAB.

Development for companies worldwide

I have developed custom systems for clients all over the world. Some of the systems and code I have developed have been in use and functioning for over 15 years.