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About Me

I am Nicholas Fritzkowski, a seasoned freelance programmer with a rich history spanning nearly three decades in the digital realm. Based on the beautiful Gold Coast, I work with a robust team of professionals spread across Australia, all of whom share my passion for coding and technological innovation.

In the course of my career, I have witnessed and played an active role in the fascinating evolution of the internet. I started my journey in the early days of dial-up internet connections, with the echo of a 9600 baud modem ringing in my ears. This was a time when the World Wide Web was just a nascent concept, a revolutionary idea that would forever change how we interact with the world around us.

From those humble beginnings, I’ve been on the front lines of every significant technological milestone since then. I vividly recall the excitement surrounding the launch of Windows 95, the dawning of the Dot-com era, and the evolution of web programming languages from CGI scripts to today’s advanced frameworks.

As the web grew in complexity, so did my knowledge and experience. I have over 25 years of expertise in website development, with a specific focus on PHP programming for over 20 years. This historical context provides me with a unique perspective on the art and science of programming.

I’ve surfed the waves of technology, moving from HTML and CSS to dynamic languages like JavaScript, Python, and C#. I’ve seen the rise and fall of Flash, the explosion of mobile app development, and the increasing importance of user-centered design in an ever-expanding digital world.

However, I am not just a spectator in this digital evolution. My team and I actively contribute to the continuous advancement of technology. We’re always adapting, learning, and implementing the latest programming languages and trends, ensuring we deliver the most cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

I understand the intricacies of the digital world like few others. This intimate knowledge of the internet’s history allows me to anticipate future trends and translate them into tangible benefits for my clients. From the early days of dial-up modems to the current era of 5G and beyond, my mission has been to help my clients leverage technology to achieve their business goals.

Today, I extend the same dedication to your project. My team and I are ready to handle all of your programming needs, provide expert guidance, and build user-friendly digital experiences.

Contact me today to see how I can leverage my extensive experience and the collective skills of my team to help you succeed in the dynamic digital landscape.

Nick Nobg
Nick Fritzkowski